Brownout Tips According To An Electrician Near Me In | Grapevine, TX

Brownout Tips According To An Electrician Near Me In | Grapevine, TX

A brownout occurs when the power system encounters a voltage drop and there’s a blackout when the entire system goes down. It may be caused by damage to the system or when the company shuts it down to reduce strain on the power system. Other causes include storms, increased energy demand or damage to the grid. You need to protect your electronics during a brownout or they could overheat. Contact an electrician near me in Grapevine, TX, if you need help with your electrical appliances.

Below are some of the appliances and devices at risk during a power outage. Make sure you protect them or unplug them immediately to protect against further damage.

  • Computers
  • TV
  • Refrigerators and washing machine
  • Mobile devices
  • AC
  • Ovens
  • Game consoles
  • Streaming devices

How to Protect Appliances from Power Outages

Below are some tips from an electrician near me in Grapevine. If you have questions, feel free to contact Buffalo Electric.

Get Surge Protectors

Although surge protectors only protect electronic devices and appliances partially, it’s better than not getting any protection at all. It’s better to protect all appliances to prevent further damage from brownouts. If you have any electrical questions, be sure not to hesitate to contact an “electrician near me inGrapevine, TX.

Buy UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Power outages can damage your appliances and electronic devices when not properly protected. You can prevent damage by connecting your appliances and devices to UPS which delivers emergency power. UPS runs long enough for you to either turn off devices or connect them to the generator. You do need more power especially when the outage lasts longer. Get help from an “electrician near me in” if you need more information about UPS and other devices that can help protect your appliances and electronics from power outages. You can also purchase an energy storage system so that your appliances and devices can safely operate when the power goes out.

Unplug Appliances Right Away

When there’s a power outage, make sure to unplug all appliances and electronic devices. If you don’t, they might get affected when there’s a power surge. If the power comes back on right away, we suggest waiting for at least 10 minutes or even longer, to avoid damage due to power surges.

You can also consider switching to a smart meter if you want to be able to determine power problems in your home and be able to quickly respond to them. Contact an “electrician near me in” if you need more information about smart meters.

Brownout Safety Tips for Businesses

Check below for helpful advice on what to do during a power outage in your business location.

1. Make sure you have a power outage emergency plan in place to ensure that both your customers and employees are protected during a power outage. Having this in place also ensures that your electrical devices are protected from power surges. You will need to also invest in a generator and a backup generator so that your business can operate even during a power outage. For the installation of a new generator, get in touch with an “electrician near me in.” Contact Buffalo Electric and our team is more than happy to help.

2. Lighted exit signs, smoke alarms, and sprinklers must be powered during a power outage. So ensure that you have a backup system that’s well maintained for it to work during a power outage. If you need assistance with installing backup power systems for your business, please get in touch with an electrician in your area. And this is where we come in. Buffalo Electric has certified electricians who are highly experienced in installing electrical backup systems.

3. Generators can help businesses continue their operation. However, they must be operated safely. Generators must also be placed in an area with proper ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. For your safety, never plug generators directly into the power outlets to avoid injuries. Always cool them first before use. If you need assistance on how to operate a generator or need help with installation, please contact an “electrician near me in” at Buffalo Electric. Our team of professionals can work with all types of generators.

4. Depending on the type of business, you may need to invest in an emergency kit consisting of flashlights, water, rope, first-aid supplies and other basic items. They need to be placed in easily accessible places.

5. Invest in surge protection for all your equipment, especially printers, computers or manufacturing equipment. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact an electrician at Buffalo Electric.

6. After the outage, make sure that one of your employees calls the utility company to report it. Call 911 in case of emergencies during an outage. Unless you have a generator, turn off your small business devices to prevent damage. Remember, power surges can lead to fires especially when the equipment overheats. If you need assistance, please get in touch with an “electrician near me in” at Buffalo Electric.

7. Prioritize your employees and customers. Keep them safe by making sure they don’t use the escalators or the elevator during an outage. You must inform them of any nearby power lines that are down to ensure they don’t drive over them.

Contact Buffalo Electric

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