Electric Generators

Have you ever felt the unsettling quiet of a blackout, wishing you had a generator to bring back the warmth and light to your home?

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A Tale Of Two Electricians: From Despair To Delight

Imagine the excitement of planning a major family reunion.

The food, the laughter, and the reconnecting—it’s all set.

But for Alex, our protagonist, this joyous anticipation quickly turned into a nerve-wracking ordeal when the electrical system in his home decided to throw a wrench into his plans.

Desperate to ensure a smooth event, Alex hired what he thought was a reputable electrical company, only to face what can only be described as every homeowner’s nightmare.


The Promise That Turned into Despair

The company promised Alex quick fixes and dazzling upgrades to his home’s electrical system.

Yet, as the days turned into weeks, the promises unfulfilled, Alex watched his stress levels skyrocket.

The work was shoddy, the deadlines missed, and the communication was as faulty as the wiring they left behind.

The result? A family gathering plunged into darkness, both literally and metaphorically, tarnishing what was meant to be a memorable event.


Turning a New Leaf with Buffalo Electric

Burned but enlightened by the ordeal, Alex knew he needed a solution that was not just a temporary patch but a long-term commitment to excellence. Enter Buffalo Electric.

This time, Alex’s choice was guided by glowing reviews and an unshakeable promise of efficiency, reliability, and transparency.

And they didn’t just deliver—they excelled.

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Why Choose Buffalo Electric?

In today’s world, where electricity is the heartbeat of our homes, ensuring that this heartbeat never skips a beat is paramount.

That’s where Buffalo Electric steps in, a beacon of reliability in a sea of unpredictability.

But why settle for Buffalo Electric amidst a plethora of options?

Let’s dive into the electrifying reasons that make Buffalo Electric the go-to choice for all your electrical needs.


A Commitment Carved in Quality

At Buffalo Electric, quality isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the foundation of everything we do.

From the initial consultation to the final safety checks, our team ensures that each step of the process meets the highest standards.

We understand that our work powers your life, from the morning coffee that kick-starts your day to the security system that keeps you safe at night.

This understanding drives our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality in every project, big or small.


Customer Satisfaction: The Core of Our Circuit

The journey doesn’t end with the completion of a project.

Buffalo Electric prides itself on forging lasting relationships with our clients, rooted in trust and satisfaction.

We listen, we care, and most importantly, we act as positively as possible.

Your peace of mind is our top priority, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that your expectations aren’t just met—they’re exceeded.


Reliability: Our Promise, Your Assurance

In the landscape of Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX, where the whims of weather can play havoc with power supplies, Buffalo Electric stands as a pillar of reliability.

Our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to tackle any electrical challenge, ensuring that your life remains uninterrupted, come rain or shine.

With Buffalo Electric, you’re not just choosing an electrical service; you’re choosing a partner to ensure your home’s power is stable and always on when you need it.


Energizing Your World

Choosing Buffalo Electric means opting for a service that’s as reliable as the dawn.

Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and reliability is not just about providing electrical services.

It’s about ensuring a safe, efficient, and uninterrupted lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

In Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX, where the demand for dependable power solutions is ever-present.

Buffalo Electric is your trusted partner, ready to illuminate your world, one switch at a time.

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Generators 101: What You Need To Know

Have you ever found yourself in the dark during a power outage, wishing you had a magic wand to bring back the lights, the warmth of your heater, or the cool breeze of your air conditioner?

If you’re nodding along, then it’s high time we talk about a real-life magic wand for your home: generators.

But not just any generators—let’s dive into what makes a generator essential, especially in places known for their capricious weather like Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX.


The Heartbeat of Your Home During an Outage

Generators: the unsung heroes during storms, blackouts, and unexpected power failures.

They come in various sizes, from small, portable models ideal for camping trips to large, standby units that automatically power your home during outages.

But how do they work?

In essence, a generator converts mechanical energy from an external source into electrical energy as output.

Ensuring that your home stays lit, warm, or cool, depending on your needs.


Types of Generators: Finding Your Perfect Match

Broadly speaking, there are three main types of generators: portable, inverter, and standby.

Portable generators are your go-to for temporary, movable power needs, perfect for that backyard party or as a backup for essential appliances.

Inverter generators offer a more sophisticated technology that provides cleaner energy for your delicate devices like laptops and TVs.

Making them ideal for both outdoor adventures and as a quiet, efficient home backup.

Lastly, standby generators are the guardians of your home, automatically powering on when the electricity goes out, and turning off when it’s restored, providing seamless protection for your entire house.

Why Are Generators Essential?

Imagine waking up in the middle of a chilly winter night in Grapevine, TX, to find your heating system dead as a doornail because of a power outage.

Or picture yourself running a home business in Southlake, TX, and experiencing a blackout right before a crucial deadline.

These scenarios are not just inconvenient; they can be downright dangerous or costly.

Generators act as a safety net, ensuring that your life continues smoothly, without interruption, regardless of what Mother Nature or the grid decides to throw your way.


Buffalo Electric: Lighting Up Your Life

Now that you know the essentials about generators, you might wonder, “Where do I go from here?”

This is where Buffalo Electric steps in.

As your trusted local expert in Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX, we not only understand the unique challenges posed by our weather and power grid, but we also offer personalized solutions.

Whether you need advice on choosing the right generators for your home, installation services, or maintenance to ensure your unit is ready when you need it most.

Buffalo Electric is here to keep your home powered and your life uninterrupted.

Choosing the right generators can feel like navigating a maze without a map, but with Buffalo Electric’s guidance, you’ll find a clear path to a solution that fits your specific needs.

Ensuring peace of mind during those critical moments when you need power the most.

Remember, in the quest for uninterrupted power, a generator isn’t just an appliance; it’s an investment in safety, convenience, and tranquility for your home and family.

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Choosing The Right Generators For Your Home

In the heart of Texas, where the sun blazes like nowhere else and the weather dances to its own unpredictable tune, the folks in Colleyville, Grapevine, and Southlake know too well the importance of being prepared.

Whether it’s the sudden summer storms that roll in with gusto or the occasional ice storm in winter, one thing is certain: power outages can and do happen.

And when they do, it’s not just about the inconvenience of missing your favorite TV show.

It’s about keeping your home safe and your family comfortable.


Why Generators Are a Household Necessity

Let’s face it, the idea of shopping for generators might not spark joy.

For many, it falls into the same category as insurance – you don’t think about it until you need it.

But just like insurance, when that need arises, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you were prepared.

Imagine sitting back, relaxed, while the neighbors are scrambling for candles.

That’s the peace of mind generators bring.


Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Guardian Angel

The Size Matters

When it comes to generators, size does matter.

But bigger isn’t always better. It’s about finding the right fit for your home.

Consider what essentials you need to keep running during an outage.

Is it just the fridge and a few lights?

Or does your Texas-size home require a bit more juice to keep everything from the air conditioning to the home office up and running?


Location, Location, Location

Our friends in Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX, live in areas that might as well be dubbed ‘Generator Country’.

With weather that can go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye, choosing generators that can withstand the elements is key.

Not to mention, considering local noise ordinances and ensuring your generators don’t become a neighborhood nuisance is equally important.


Fuel for Thought

What’s going to power your power source?

Generators run on various fuels, from gasoline to natural gas to solar power.

Each has its pros and cons, from availability during a disaster to the ongoing cost and environmental impact.


The Buffalo Electric Stamp of Approval

At Buffalo Electric, we’ve seen it all – from last-minute scrambles during blackout alerts to calm, collected responses to power outages, all because a reliable generator was ready to go.

Our team of experts is well-versed in the needs of the Colleyville, Grapevine, and Southlake communities.

We don’t just sell generators; we provide peace of mind.


Installation: A Breeze with Buffalo Electric

Think installing a generator is a headache waiting to happen? Think again.

Our professionals at Buffalo Electric make the process as smooth as a Texas drawl.

From assessing your home’s specific needs to recommending the perfect size and type of generators, we handle everything with precision and care.

When it comes to installation, our team ensures minimal disruption to your day-to-day life, leaving you with a seamless transition to backup power when you need it most.


Keeping Your Power Source Powerful

Maintenance might not be the first thing on your mind when purchasing a generator, but it’s the key to ensuring your investment lasts through many storms.

Regular check-ups, especially before the storm season hits, can make all the difference.

At Buffalo Electric, we offer maintenance packages that keep your generator in tip-top condition, ready at a moment’s notice.

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Navigating The Generator Installation Maze

Imagine you’re sitting at home in Colleyville, TX, on a warm summer evening when suddenly the entire neighborhood goes dark.

You think to yourself, “Not again!”

This scenario is all too common, but the real challenge begins when you decide to tackle it head-on by getting a generator.

Where do you even start?

This is where Buffalo Electric shines, guiding you through the maze of generator installation with the expertise and care you deserve.


Choosing Buffalo Electric: A Bright Decision

Selecting the right company for your generator installation is like choosing a reliable co-pilot for a cross-country road trip.

You want someone experienced, trustworthy, and with a proven track record.

Buffalo Electric steps into this role seamlessly, offering not just installation services but a partnership.

From assessing your power needs to recommending the perfect generator, they make the process smooth and hassle-free.

Ensuring your home in Grapevine, TX, or anywhere in the tri-city area, remains powered through storms and outages.


The Installation Journey: What to Expect

Consultation and Planning: It starts with understanding your needs.

Buffalo Electric’s team dives deep into your home’s power requirements, discussing everything from essential circuits to whole-house coverage.

Choosing Your Generator: With options ranging from standby to portable generators, they help you pick the one that best fits your lifestyle in Southlake, TX, and beyond.

Permits and Preparation: Navigating local codes and permits can be daunting. Buffalo Electric handles this bureaucratic maze, ensuring everything is for a smooth installation.

The Big Day: Installation day is an exciting event. The team works efficiently, respecting your property and time, to get your generator up and running with minimal disruption.

Final Touches: Once installed, they don’t just leave you in the dark. A thorough walkthrough ensures you’re comfortable operating your new generator, and they’re always a call away for any questions.

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Generator Maintenance: Keeping The Power On

Your generator is your lifeline during power outages, but like any other machine, it needs regular TLC to keep it running smoothly.

Think of your generator as a loyal pet that needs feeding, grooming, and the occasional check-up to ensure it’s always ready to leap into action.


Routine Care with Buffalo Electric

Buffalo Electric doesn’t just install generators; they nurture them.

Their maintenance service is akin to having a personal trainer for your generator, ensuring it stays in peak condition, ready to serve you at a moment’s notice.

Here’s how they keep your power source robust:

  • Regular Inspections: They catch potential issues before they become problems, ensuring your generator is always ready to perform.
  • Oil Changes and Tune-Ups: Like changing the oil in your car, regular tune-ups keep your generator running smoothly, extending its lifespan.
  • Battery Checks: They ensure your generator’s battery is charged and ready to go, preventing startup failures during critical times.


The Buffalo Electric Promise

Choosing Buffalo Electric for your generator needs in Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, Southlake, TX, or anywhere in between means choosing peace of mind.

Their expertise in installation and maintenance ensures that your generator is not just a backup plan but a reliable, integral part of your home’s resilience strategy.

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The Importance Of Reliable Electrical Services

Ever found yourself in the middle of preparing a sumptuous dinner or binge-watching your favorite series when suddenly, the lights flicker, or worse, everything goes dark?

It’s not just about the inconvenience; it’s a safety and comfort issue that can disrupt your peace of mind and daily activities.

Especially in areas like Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX, where weather can be unpredictable, the reliability of your electrical system is paramount.


Why Stability Is Non-Negotiable

A stable electrical system is the backbone of a modern home.

It powers our appliances, keeps our homes comfortable, and, more importantly, ensures our safety.

Unreliable electrical services can lead to frequent outages, damage to expensive electronics, and even pose fire hazards.

This is why, at the heart of every well-lit home in Colleyville, Grapevine, or Southlake, there’s a need for an electrical system that you can depend on, come rain or shine.


Buffalo Electric: Lighting Up Your World with Confidence

Here’s where Buffalo Electric shines. Specializing in generators among other services, we don’t just promise efficiency; we deliver reliability and peace of mind.

With Buffalo Electric, you’re not just hiring an electrician; you’re partnering with professionals who understand the importance of a stable, safe, and efficient electrical system.

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When To Call A Professional For Your Electrical Needs

Not all electrical issues are created equal.

Some can be quick fixes, while others scream for professional intervention.

Ever noticed flickering lights, unusually high utility bills, or frequent circuit breaker trips?

These aren’t just minor annoyances; they’re your home’s way of crying out for help.

Explore a range of solutions from a General Electrician by visiting our page for expert advice and services.


The Right Time for Expert Hands

Post-Storm Inspections: After severe weather hits Colleyville, Grapevine, or Southlake, ensuring your electrical system hasn’t suffered damage is crucial.

Upgrading Your Home: Whether you’re adding a home office or upgrading your kitchen, professional electrical services ensure everything runs smoothly and up to code.

When You Hear a Buzz: Electrical buzzing isn’t part of your home’s natural soundtrack. It’s a sign something’s amiss and needs an expert’s touch.

Installing Generators: With unpredictable weather patterns, having a generator isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. But installation and maintenance should be trusted by the pros.


Why Buffalo Electric Is the Answer

Choosing Buffalo Electric means opting for a team that’s not just skilled but equipped with the knowledge to tackle your electrical needs efficiently.

Our expertise isn’t just in fixing problems; it’s about preventing them, and ensuring your home is powered safely and reliably.

From the moment you call us to the final safety checks, expect a service experience that sets a new standard for electrical excellence.

Whether it’s a routine check-up or an emergency call-out in the dead of night, our team is ready to ensure your home remains a safe, comfortable haven for you and your loved ones.

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Real People, Real Power: How Buffalo Electric Lights Up Lives

Nothing speaks louder than the stories of those we’ve had the pleasure to serve.

At Buffalo Electric, we’re more than just wires and circuits—we’re about creating connections that last, power that persists, and experiences that enlighten.

Let’s dive into the lives of folks just like you, who once faced the dim prospects of unreliable power and found a beacon of hope with us.

Explore our services and customer reviews on our Google Business Profile page to learn more about us!


The Smith Family from Grapevine, TX ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“We experienced frequent power outages that turned everyday life into a series of unexpected adventures. After an extensive search that felt like finding a needle in a haystack, we stumbled upon Buffalo Electric. Their promise of a high-capacity, long-lasting generator caught our eye. From the first call to the final installation, the team was nothing short of miraculous. They not only installed a generator that fit our needs but also educated us on maintaining it for years to come.”


Jordan from Southlake, TX ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The responsiveness and expertise of the Buffalo team were evident from the get-go. They installed a system that not only keeps my business running smoothly during outages but has become a talking point with my customers about reliability and preparedness.”


The Garcia Family in Colleyville, TX ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“We had planned an exquisite backyard wedding. However, a sudden power outage threatened to turn our special day into a disaster. In came Buffalo Electric, with their emergency services, to save the day. Portable generators were quickly set up, and the wedding went on without a hitch. It was like they were part of the family, ensuring not a single moment was lost to darkness. Thanks to Buffalo Electric, our wedding was not only saved but became a memorable tale of triumph over adversity.”


The Buffalo Electric Promise with a Bright Outlook

These stories are but a glimpse into the myriad ways Buffalo Electric has illuminated the lives of those in Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX.

From ensuring that a family gathering goes on uninterrupted to keeping the dreams of local entrepreneurs alive, our commitment to reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction shines through.

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Emergency Electrician Services: Ready When You Need Us

Ever been jolted awake at 2 AM by a mysterious beeping sound, only to realize it’s your smoke detector signaling a problem, but not a fire?

Or perhaps you’ve been plunged into darkness by a sudden power outage right when you’re about to catch the season finale of your favorite show.

In these moments, the value of having a reliable emergency electrician can’t be overstated.

It’s about more than convenience—it’s about safety, security, and peace of mind.

Explore our range of Emergency Electrical Services by visiting our page.


The Unseen Heroes of the Hour

At Buffalo Electric, we understand the urgency and the stress that comes with unexpected electrical failures.

Whether it’s a blown fuse, a tripped breaker, or something more sinister lurking within your home’s wiring.

Our team of certified electricians is on call, ready to light up the darkness and restore order to your chaos.

Our emergency services are designed to address your electrical issues promptly, ensuring your home’s safety and functionality, even in the most inconvenient of times.

Explore our Wiring solutions on our page to enhance your home’s safety and functionality now!


Why Responsiveness Matters

In the bustling communities of Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX, where every second counts, having immediate access to emergency electrical services is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity.

Weather-related disturbances, unexpected breakdowns, and aging electrical systems can all pose sudden challenges.

Buffalo Electric stands out as your go-to source for emergency repairs, with a commitment to quick response times and efficient service that puts your needs first.


A Promise of Reliability and Expertise

When the power goes out, or an electrical hazard emerges, the last thing you want is to be left waiting.

Our electricians are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience to handle a wide array of electrical emergencies.

From diagnosing the root cause of your electrical issue to implementing a safe, effective solution, we’re there for you.

Ensuring that your home remains a safe haven, even in the face of unexpected electrical challenges.


Ready When You Need Us

In Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX, where the weather can be as unpredictable as the outcome of a thrilling sports game, you need an electrician service that’s as reliable as it is proficient.

Buffalo Electric embodies this reliability, offering not just emergency services, but a commitment to excellence that ensures your electrical systems are in the best hands.

Electricity is the heartbeat of your home, powering everything from your lights to your lifelines.

When that heartbeat skips a beat, know that Buffalo Electric is just a phone call away, ready to restore rhythm to your world with our expert emergency electrician services.

Because when it comes to your safety and comfort, we’re always on standby.

Ensuring that the only shock you experience is how quickly and efficiently we get your life back on track.

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Expert Tips: Maintaining Your Home’s Electrical System

Have you ever found yourself puzzled over the flickering lights in your living room, wondering if it’s just the bulb’s way of saying goodbye or a sneak peek into a larger, lurking electrical issue?

If you’re nodding along, you’re not alone.

Many homeowners in Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX grapple with similar electrical conundrums.

This is where Buffalo Electric shines, offering not just solutions but also preventative advice to keep your home safe and your electricity running smoothly.


Understanding the Basics

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s establish a foundation.

Your home’s electrical system is like the circulatory system of your body: essential, complex, and not to be tampered with unless you know what you’re doing.

Regular maintenance and safety checks are the electrical equivalent of eating right and exercising.

It keeps everything running as it should and heads off problems before they escalate.


Regular Maintenance Checks: The Heartbeat of Your Home

  1. Inspect and Respect Your Electrical Panel

Think of your electrical panel as mission control. It’s crucial to ensure it’s properly labeled and free from any obstruction. A cluttered electrical panel isn’t just an eyesore; it’s a hazard.

  1. Keep an Eye on Outlets and Switches

If you notice any discoloration, heat, or buzzing sounds from outlets or switches, it’s time to call in the pros. These are tell-tale signs of electrical issues that, if ignored, can escalate quickly.

  1. Test Your Safety Devices Regularly

Your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are your first line of defense in an emergency. Testing them monthly and replacing batteries annually is a small task with potentially life-saving outcomes.


When To Call Buffalo Electric

  • If your home is over 20 years old and hasn’t had an electrical inspection recently.
  • Following major home renovations.
  • If you’re adding high-power appliances to your home.

Buffalo Electric’s team of experts is always ready to lend a hand, ensuring your home’s electrical system is not just up and running but also safe and efficient.

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The Buffalo Electric Process: What To Expect

Choosing Buffalo Electric means opting for peace of mind.

Our process is designed to be transparent, efficient, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each homeowner in Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX.

Here’s what you can expect when you bring our team on board:

  1. Initial Consultation: Laying the Groundwork

Your journey with Buffalo Electric begins with a thorough consultation.

We listen to your concerns, assess your needs, and offer professional advice on the best way forward.

This stage sets the tone for a partnership based on trust and understanding.

  1. In-Depth Inspection: The Buffalo Electric Deep Dive

Our experts conduct a comprehensive inspection of your electrical system, identifying potential issues and areas for improvement.

This meticulous approach ensures no stone is left unturned.

  1. Transparent Quoting: No Surprises Here

Once we’ve identified what needs to be done, we provide you with a detailed quote.

We believe in transparency, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, with no hidden fees or surprises.

  1. Execution with Excellence: The Buffalo Electric Guarantee

Our team of skilled electricians takes over, ensuring the job is done right the first time.

We pride ourselves on efficiency, reliability, and the highest standards of safety.

  1. Follow-Up: Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Our commitment to you doesn’t end once the job is done.

We follow up to ensure you’re completely satisfied and provide advice on maintaining your electrical system’s health.

Choosing Buffalo Electric means opting for a team that’s as invested in your home’s safety and efficiency as you are.

With us, you’re not just getting electrical services; you’re getting a partner committed to providing you with the best solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Contact us at 817-210-3010 for reliable Generators!


Energy Efficiency And Your Electrical System

Ever glanced at your electricity bill and wondered where all that energy went? You’re not alone.

In areas like Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX, where the summer heat can drive up your AC usage, and the occasional storm leaves you relying on backup power.

Optimizing your home’s energy efficiency isn’t just nice to have—it’s a necessity.


The Power of Efficiency

The journey toward energy efficiency in your home starts with understanding your electrical system and recognizing the opportunities for improvement.

It’s about making smart choices that reduce your energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

Think of it as getting the most bang for your buck, or in this case, the most light for your kWh.


Why Generators Matter in This Equation

Generators, while often thought of as emergency equipment, play a vital role in energy management.

Choosing the right generator can mean the difference between power that’s there when you need it and power that’s efficient and environmentally friendly.

Buffalo Electric specializes in providing generators that not only serve as reliable backup power but also integrate seamlessly into your home’s energy efficiency goals.


Steps to Optimizing Your Electrical Usage

Audit Your Energy Use: Identify where your home uses the most energy. Is it heating and cooling? Lighting? Appliances?

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances: If your generator powers appliances during an outage, ensure they are energy-efficient models.

Consider a Smart Thermostat: These devices can dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs, even when running on generator power.

LED Lighting: Switching to LED lighting reduces the load on your generator and decreases your energy consumption.

Routine Maintenance: Keeping both your electrical system and your generator in top condition ensures efficiency and longevity.

By focusing on these steps, you’re not just saving on your next utility bill; you’re preparing your home for the unexpected in the most efficient way possible.

And that’s where Buffalo Electric shines.

We don’t just install generators; we integrate them into your home’s energy strategy.

Contact us at 817-210-3010 for reliable Generators!

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FAQ Section

  1. What Types of Generators Do You Recommend for Homes in Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX?

For homeowners in Colleyville, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Southlake, TX, we typically recommend standby generators for their reliability and automatic operation during power outages. The specific model will depend on your home’s size and power needs, which we can assess during a free consultation.

  1. How Often Should My Generator Receive Maintenance?

Maintenance frequency can vary based on the generator’s model and usage, but generally, we recommend a thorough inspection and service at least once a year to ensure your generator is ready whenever you need it.

  1. Can Buffalo Electric Handle Both the Installation and Maintenance of My Generator?

Absolutely! Buffalo Electric is your one-stop shop for both the installation and ongoing maintenance of your generator. We ensure a seamless installation process and provide comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your generator in top condition.

  1. What Should I Do If I Experience a Power Outage and My Generator Doesn’t Turn On?

First, check to ensure that your generator isn’t displaying any error messages or codes. If the issue isn’t something simple like a tripped breaker, contact us immediately. Buffalo Electric offers emergency electrician services, and we’re ready to assist you 24/7 to get your power back on.

  1. How Can I Schedule a Service or Consultation with Buffalo Electric?

Scheduling a service or consultation with Buffalo Electric is easy. Visit our website, fill out the contact form with your details and needs, and we’ll get back to you promptly to arrange a convenient time. You can also call us directly for immediate assistance or to ask any further questions you may have.


By addressing these common inquiries, we aim to make your decision process as smooth and informed as possible.

Remember, whether it’s choosing the right generator, installing it, or ensuring it’s maintained for years of reliable service.

Buffalo Electric is here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us at 817-210-3010 for reliable Generators!