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It doesn’t matter if you live in an old home or a modern one, it is important to ensure that your electrical system can provide the power you need safely. To ensure that power needs are met in your Southlake, TX, home, it’s crucial that you hire a professional electrician to inspect your system, complete necessary repairs, and make recommendations for improvement. In many cases, installing surge protection goes a long way toward guaranteeing the safety of residents. Surge protection is expensive, but it can help reduce the risk of injury and electrical damage. There are multiple reasons you should consider installing surge protection:

1: Your Appliances Are Protected

Nowadays, households are filled with a multitude of appliances that draw power, from multiple TVs, home computers, and gaming consoles to more kitchen appliances than ever before. The unprotected circuit boards on many of these appliances are susceptible to damage when a power surge occurs. Often, power surges are unexpected, and caused by inclement weather. The easiest way to guarantee power safety is to ensure that surge protection is always in place.

An electrician can install professional surge protection to protect your devices from electrical damage during power surges. Although power surges are not permanent, they can reduce the life expectancy of your appliances. Damage from power surges can lead to higher appliance repair and replacement costs. With surge protection, you negate these costs and increase your appliance’s protection.

2: Surge Protectors Prevent Injuries

You should also install surge protectors to protect people in your home from electrocutions or fires. Electrical fires are extremely dangerous and often start as a result of circuit overloads; whether it’s down to a power surge or unrestricted extension cord usage. Overloaded light circuits are another leading cause of electrical fires. To help prevent accidental injuries, electrocutions, and circuit overloads causing a fire that can harm residents, an electrician can add a surge protector to your home which prevents both appliance and user harm.

3: They’re Cost-Effective

You will spend more on unnecessary repairs and replacements if you experience frequent power surges and have no protection. It is not cheap to invest in new electrical panels or a complete system replacement. An electrician can help you avoid paying these high-priced costs, by installing a surge protector within or near your breaker box. For a trained professional in Southlake, TX, it’s a quick install that won’t take up much of your day.

4: Easy to Replace and Repair

If you need an electrical safety system that is affordable and easy to repair or replace in the event of damage, surge protection is what you’re looking for. Compared to the costs associated with failed electrical appliances, such as generators, your finances won’t be affected if your surge protector fails.

5: Lower Maintenance Costs

Routine maintenance is essential for maintaining your electrical system and devices. Without regular maintenance, appliances need to be repaired more often, which can increase the overall cost of maintenance. You can protect your HVAC equipment and computers from damage with a surge protector, and note lower maintenance costs as excess electrical charges are not reaching your appliances and causing premature failures.

Additional Ways You Can Protect Your Home

Most electrical problems in a house are caused by old wires. Old wiring installations can make the house less efficient, as well as cause distracting buzzing sounds or annoying flickering. The insulating material used to cover wiring can wear down over time and expose you and your home to dangerous voltages.

A well-maintained wiring system is essential for modern houses to function properly. To determine which cables need to be replaced, hiring an electrician is the easiest solution. In cases where you plan to add extensions to your home electrical system, such as for holiday lights in the front yard, it’s worth contacting a professional to ensure your home circuit can handle the extra load.

Another way to protect your home is to utilize the fuse board. You can quickly disengage any part of your house that does not require electricity or circuits that need repair through your electrical panel. It’s important to be able to quickly access the fuse panel in an emergency to avoid any potential problems. Like wires, fuse panels can wear out and an electrician will need to replace them. To ensure your panel is replaced at the appropriate time, schedule regular electrical panel inspections.

Consider replacing older lights with new LEDs. Not only can LED lights be brighter than conventional ones, but there is also a wide range of colors, styles, and lighting options to match your home’s decor. LED lights are also more efficient and can reduce your electric bill. Ask your local electrician about suitable LED upgrades if you have unsafe, older lighting fixtures and bulbs.

Talking of bulbs, you should use bulbs with the correct wattage to prevent electrical issues from occurring. Make sure to inspect all lamps, fixtures, and appliances and ensure that the correct wattage is used. Use lower 25-watt bulbs if ceiling fixtures are not marked with their requirements. Manufacturers may request a specific wattage, e.g., 60-watt bulbs. Be sure to follow manufacturer specifications were able.

Damaged or worn power cords pose a serious safety concern and can cause electrocution or fires. You should inspect them regularly for cracking and fraying. If necessary, replace them or have them repaired by a professional electrician. You should not staple cords to furniture or under rugs. Furniture can cause damage to wire insulation or break it. Overheating cords can also cause fire or tripping hazards, especially if they are placed underneath rugs.

Make sure any electrical devices are in an area that has good ventilation. Without proper air circulation, electrical equipment can heat up and become a fire hazard. Other tips for good placement of electrical items include:

  • Avoid storing electrical equipment in closed cabinets
  • Ensure your dryer has at least 1ft of clearance
  • Keep flammable items away from electronics.

To request surge protection installation or increase your home’s safety, consider calling an electrician from Buffalo Electric in Southlake, TX.

Photo By Jelena Zelen at Shutterstock