Our Products

Whether you have a home or business in Fort Worth, TX, the Buffalo Electric team knows you depend on your electrical system and electrical products to run properly every day. Our professional electricians will ensure your needs are met, with our premium installation, replacement, and repair services. Our main priority is to make sure that you and your family are safe, by offering comprehensive installation and repair. We will also determine where replacements or upgrades can increase safety and improve energy efficiency. At Buffalo Electric, our recommendations are based on our extensive experience and up-to-date training on the most advanced technology and products. The most popular products we handle include:

Main Electrical Panels

The main electrical panel directs the energy from a transformer and distributes the electricity throughout your home or business in appropriate amounts. It is the most important component of an electrical system, so it is crucial to have a professional team to install or replace it. If your home is aging or your panel is outdated, your breakers are tripping on a continuous basis, your electricity surges or dips at certain points in time, or you are anticipating greater energy demands in a certain area of your house, you may require a main electrical panel upgrade. Our qualified electricians will address your electrical needs, thoroughly inspect your main panel, and determine which panel options will best suit your home best.

Electrical Sub-panels

Electrical sub-panels allow electricity to be split into areas of a building or property. While they are similar to a main electrical panel, they do not supply power to the home or business. Rather, they help distribute the power that has already been supplied through the main panel. Sub-panels may be necessary for a variety of scenarios, including splitting power between living spaces in a duplex or apartment or sectioning off an area where high-powered equipment will be used at a business. Whether you are currently assessing if you need electrical sub-panels or looking for a professional installer, you can count on Buffalo Electric to choose and install panels that meet your specific needs.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detector installation is one the easiest ways to ensure your family’s safety in the event of an accidental fire. Some smoke detectors can even detect more than smoke, alerting you if heat rises quickly and alarmingly high in a room. Our electricians verify that you have working, reliable smoke detectors in your home or business that correspond with your needs. We can even wire smoke detectors to correspond with a central alarm and a sprinkler system, adding an extra safeguard for any residence or business.


Lighting has the potential to transform your house into an aesthetically pleasing home and improve the safety and security of both indoor and outdoor property. With expert advice and high-quality installation from Buffalo Electric, you will accomplish the best lighting arrangement for your home. Moreover, our electricians stay up to date with the current, most efficient lighting options. Accordingly, we will make sure to provide you with long-lasting, energy-saving options that fit into your ideal design objectives.


In the event of a power outage, it is reassuring to know that you have a source of electricity to run important features in your home or business. Buffalo Electric will assist in choosing the correct generator for your specific needs and installing your generator safely, making sure that it is properly connected to your electrical system. Furthermore, as generators require regular maintenance and prompt repairs, when necessary, our company will always be there to take your call.

Ceiling Fans

At Buffalo Electric, we know that the summer heat can be oppressive without a breeze. After all, in Central Texas, summer lasts for three seasons of the year. A ceiling fan can make all the difference in your Texan home, offering air circulation for any room. Our team will recommend quality ceiling fans that will suit your specific needs and preferences. We will also confirm that our installation achieves the best placement for optimal airflow so that you and your family can always feel refreshed and cool.


It is important to turn to professionals for any electrical wiring job, as proper wiring will make sure you and your loved ones remain safe and your electrical system will be reliable. Our Buffalo Electric electricians always install wiring with the utmost precision and care and perform the correct and clear labeling. Furthermore, if you wish to have the writing in your home inspected, you suspect your wiring is outdated, or you wish to have maintenance performed on your wiring, our experienced team can evaluate your system. In the event that there is faulty wiring or dangerous wires, we will replace or rewire to restore safety to your home.

Code Compliance

Electrical codes are rules and regulations that determine the safe design and installation of electrical wiring in homes and businesses. Since these codes are constantly updated, our professional electricians stay up-to-date and learn how to replace wiring, rewire systems, or replace electrical products to keep people safe. If you have not had your wiring inspected or maintained regularly, you have purchased an older home, or you are planning to sell your home, calling on Buffalo Electric to verify your wiring can be advantageous. We can help make sure your home stays up to current codes and take precautionary measures to ensure compliance down the road.

Professional Electrical Services in Fort Worth, TX

Whether you own a residential or commercial building and property, inspecting, updating, and replacing your electrical system and products can be an important task. Consider Buffalo Electric in Fort Worth, TX, your go-to for all your electrical needs, including installation, replacement, and repair. Contact us today to find out more about our electrical products or set up an appointment!