Electrician Tips: The Pros And Cons Of Recessed Lighting | Colleyville, TX

Electrician Tips: The Pros And Cons Of Recessed Lighting | Colleyville, TX

Investing in proper lighting is vital for homeowners to improve the illumination in their homes. Recessed lighting is one of the indoor lighting setups homeowners opt for to add creativity and beauty to their Colleyville, TX, houses. The Department of Energy notes that around 435 million recessed lights were in residential buildings in 2017.

An experienced electrician from the best electrical company in the city installs the lights inside walls, floors, and ceilings to brighten your house and increase the curb appeal of your interior decor.

The professional follows the 4-inch rule in installing recessed lights, implying they should be four feet apart. They might recommend using different bulbs, including incandescent, LED (Light emitting diode), compact fluorescent lamps, and low voltage or halogen bulbs.

The sleek lighting fixture has benefits and limitations, just like any other electrical appliance or system. The following are the pros and cons of recessed lights in homes.

Pros of Recessed Lights

Pro 1: They are Hidden

The first advantage of recessed lights is they deliver light or lumens discreetly. A qualified electrical services provider mounts the lighting fixtures inside the ceiling boards or walls to ensure they do not protrude outside and the light they illuminate shines bright through the round trim holes well crafted to allow the lights shine. Homeowners that want this type of light should contact an electrician to set up the designs on an incomplete building because it is easier.

Pro 2: Blend perfectly with Interior Decor

Another advantage of recessed lighting fixtures in your home is that it blends well with most interior decorations. They affect the ambiance of your house with proper installation. Before mounting the lights, the hired electrician considers several aspects, such as the height and size of the room and the number of recessed lights to use in one room.

With proper installation, the lights increase the amount of light in your living or dining rooms, highlight the creative and beautiful artwork, and blend well with other features such as bookshelves, flower arrangements, and drapery objects.

Pro 3: Best in Tight and Wet Places

Folks with residential buildings can use the recessed lighting systems in places where they do not want hanging lights, such as inside closets and basements.

They are the perfect solution in kitchens that need lighting in the sink area as protruding lighting fixtures might seem cumbersome. A skilled and experienced electrical services provider can also recommend the lighting design for houses with lower ceilings and wet areas such as the bathroom.

Pro 4: Makes a Room Look Bigger

If you are looking for lights that will make your rooms look or feel larger than their original size, recessed lights are your option. Since you need several in a room, their illumination can make your room feel bigger, compacting the smaller spaces.

It takes less visual space in a house as nothing protrudes from the walls or ceilings. So, getting an electrician who understands lighting and its effect on the size of the room is the best decision for better results.

Pro 5: Versatility of Bulbs and Trims

In addition to the benefits of recessed lights is the versatility of the lighting fixtures for homeowners in Colleyville, TX. People can choose from a perk of different types of bulbs, trims, and wiring zones. They can go for shower trims, open trims, gimbal trim, pinhole trims, canless trims, and shower trims.

Moreover, folks can select eyeball trim that can adjust to different angles, pinhole trims to illuminate the artwork in their house, canless trims that work without an electrical box, wall wash trims, or a reflector trim to brighten your space and increase its curb appeal.

You can call a reliable electrician for advice, help to choose the right type that fits your rooms, and install if you experience difficulties selecting the best trim or bulbs for your recessed lighting fixtures.

Pro 6: Value Addition

Residential property owners can also get an electrical services provider to install the recessed lighting to increase the value of their new homes. With proper installation by an electrician, the lights brighten a house and nicely illuminate your space.

Well-lit homes have increased curb appeal, attracting potential buyers and retaining them because of their visual attractiveness. They upgrade an entire room and complement any interior designs and decorations.

Drawbacks of Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Con 1: One Is Not Enough

Homeowners that choose to have an electrician install recessed lights in their homes have to buy more bulbs, cans, and trims to get the perfect results of the lighting design. They cannot use one bulb because the recessed lighting illuminates one area or point.

For that reason, electrical professionals use the four steps and 6-inch rule to set up the lighting system to ensure the rooms receive sufficient light. So, if the rooms you want the recessed lights are large, be ready to dig deeper into your pockets to buy more bulbs.

Con 2: Difficult to Install

Another downside of the recessed lighting fixtures is the complexity of the installation process. Experienced and highly qualified electrical experts recommend installing the lights in a new house still under construction because mounting it in a completed building can be downright hard.

The electrician has to cut holes in the ceiling or walls to mount the recessed lighting system. In addition, the holes to cut are numerous depending on the size of the room and the desired lighting outcome.

Con 3: Costly

Recessed lighting fixtures can be expensive to mount because of the multiple holes to cut on the ceiling or wall, bulbs, and trims. The electrical professionals can also charge hefty for installation and other materials to facilitate the entire process.

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