7 Electrical Hazards To Avoid With The Expertise Of An Electrician Near Me In | Southlake, TX

7 Electrical Hazards To Avoid With The Expertise Of An Electrician Near Me In | Southlake, TX

Households largely depend on electricity for general power functions like charging mobile devices, cooking, laundry, and more. But while beneficial, electricity can also pose a safety hazard to you and your loved ones. Fortunately, you can prevent the hazards below with a few precautions and the help of a professional electrician near me in Texas.

Arc Faults

An arc fault occurs when electricity is accidentally discharged between two conductors. It is the product of faulty connectors and conductors. As such, it can occur anywhere in the electrical system. Some common causes of arc faults include corroded, damaged, and loose electrical wiring.

An arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) cuts power to the circuit in the event of an arc fault, preventing an electrical fire. It’s more effective than a standard circuit breaker because it can detect low-level arcing before it becomes a major fire hazard. For safety’s sake, we recommend using them for all circuits in your home. Search for an electrician near me in Texas to find professionals who can help with AFCI installation.

Overloaded Outlets

Some homeowners don’t have enough electrical outlets and resort to using extension cords. The problem with extension cords is that they are tripping hazards. Some people also turn them into extra power outlets and use too many devices. This overloads the outlet, increasing the risk of an electrical fire. Extension cords are also a leading cause of electric shocks.

Extension cords should never be a permanent solution for outlets in your home. A great start to preventing problems associated with extension cords is enlisting the help of a professional to assess your home’s electrical load. Perform a Google search for an electrician near me in Texas to find professionals who can help with installing additional outlets in your house.

Ground Faults

A ground fault occurs when an electrical current takes a detour to find its way into the ground. It causes a drastic increase in current, tripping the circuit breaker. A ground fault is often the result of poor wiring, worn wire insulation, and damaged appliances.

Preventing ground faults starts with keeping appliances away from water, using high-quality wiring, and regular inspections to check for and repair loose connections. Another excellent solution for preventing ground faults is a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). A GFCI monitors electrical load passing through the circuit and automatically interrupts electricity flow after detecting a ground fault. Perform a Google search for an electrician near me in Texas to find professionals who can help with GFCI installation.

Defective or Old Wiring

Poor wiring has the potential to cause arc faults, ground faults, electrical shocks, and even fires. This is why it’s essential to have a professional inspect your home’s electrical wiring every few years so you know if it should be repaired or replaced. We also recommend avoiding DIY wiring jobs at home in favor of hiring a licensed electrician to handle the job.

You can also avoid dangers associated with poor wiring by staying alert and watching for signs like flickering lights. An annual inspection is paramount if your home’s wiring is more than 30 years old. This offers the professional a chance to check for damaged wires that can pose safety hazards. Perform a Google search for an electrician near me in Texas to find a professional who can inspect your home’s electrical wiring.

Unprotected Electrical Outlets

The risk of electrical hazards is higher in homes with children and pets. Children, in particular, are incredibly curious and have a tendency to “explore” electrical outlets with their fingers and other objects. If left unsupervised, they often pull on electrical cords. Parents should take extra care to cover electrical outlets and tuck any cords away and conceal them from kids.

Pets can also cause damage by chewing through electrical wiring, increasing the risk of shocks. Pests like rats and rodents can be a problem as they tend to chew through appliance cords and wiring in the walls. As for rodents, a pest control professional can help eliminate them from your house. If you suspect wiring damage due to pets or pests, perform a Google search for an “electrician near me in my area” to find a professional who can help with repairs.

Overloaded Power Strips and Outlets

Power strips and outlets can only handle so much electricity. Plugging multiple high-voltage appliances into the power strip can overload it and cause an electrical fire. A dangerous practice that often overloads outlets is plugging adapters into the power strip or outlet to increase the number of devices it can accommodate.

Investing in power strips that come with a circuit breaker can reduce the risk of overload. The circuit breaker will trip if the strip becomes too hot, thus reducing the risk of an electrical fire. Power strips with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) seal are the best. It’s also paramount to check the power strips regularly for any signs of damage or degradation. Additional outlets may help, so don’t hesitate to conduct a Google search for an electrician near me in Texas to find a professional who can help with installation.

Operating Unsafe Appliances

If you have a malfunctioning appliance, cut off its power supply from the electrical panel in your home. Unplug the appliance, then have it professionally repaired or recycle it. Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to check the electrical supply to find out if the appliance caused any damage. This is something that a professional can help with, and you can find a trustworthy electrician by performing a simple search for an “electrician near me in Texas.”

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