Tips From Your Emergency Electrician To Help You Avoid Dangerous Electrical Problems | Grapevine, TX

Tips From Your Emergency Electrician To Help You Avoid Dangerous Electrical Problems | Grapevine, TX

Electricity is an essential part of everyday life. But did you know that electrical failures and malfunctions were the second leading cause of electrical home fires between 2014 and 2019? And that most of these fires occurred during the cold month of January?

If not handled with proper care, electricity can be a serious safety threat. Poor insulation of wires, improperly installed fixtures and outlets, outdated wiring, and general carelessness can all lead to electrical emergencies that can be prevented.

While natural disasters, floods, and extreme weather conditions can’t be completely prevented or avoided, there are a few safety measures you can take to keep you and your loved ones safe and reduce property damage. Below are a few tips by professional emergency electricians from Buffalo Electric to help you prevent electrical emergencies in your home in Grapevine, TX.

Schedule Periodic Electrical Inspections

First on this list are electrical inspections and maintenance. If you have a professional electrician regularly check your wiring, fixtures, and circuit breaker, many malfunctions can be avoided. An electrical contractor will examine the wiring in your house and detect any issues that may need to be fixed.

In most cases, the professional can fix the problem, preventing bigger problems. In general, never ignore electrical issues, even if they seem minor. Call an emergency electrician to take care of seemingly harmless issues to avoid future headaches.

Upgrade Outdated Wiring and Fixtures

While the electrician examines your house, he might recommend replacing some fixtures and upgrading the wiring. This is especially the case in older homes. Over the years, the wiring deteriorates, and a lack of insulation can cause fires.

And with the ever-changing technology, old wiring cannot fully meet modern electrical needs, leading to blown fuses and short circuits. Older fixtures also consume much more electricity, resulting in high energy bills. If you often have to call an emergency electrician, the wiring probably needs to be updated.

Avoid Fixing Things Yourself

With the abundance of DIY videos for almost anything, you might be tempted to do electrical repairs to save money. But often, the opposite is the case. A poorly done fix can cause greater problems, necessitating an emergency electrician to do a costly repair.

Instead of saving money, you end up wasting even more money. As a rule of thumb, always hire a professional for jobs you do not have the expertise. If you are worried about the costs, always check with several electricians before deciding who to hire.

Don’t Overload An Outlet

Another thing you should be careful to avoid is plugging too many devices into one outlet. They will end up drawing too much power and blow a fuse causing the whole room or several rooms to be cut off from electricity.

Do not make a further mistake by trying to fix a blown fuse yourself. Call an emergency electrician in Grapevine, TX, to replace it. If a fuse continually blows, it might signify a more serious problem. Make sure you inform your emergency electrician of any other issues.

Keep Your Electrical Appliances In Good Condition

Maintaining your electrical appliances is as simple as keeping them clean, ensuring cords are intact, and keeping them in well-ventilated areas. This way, you’ll prevent them from malfunctioning and creating greater problems. If you have old appliances, you want to replace them with newer models that have more and better safety features.

Unplug Appliances That Are Not Being Used

This should go without saying, but sometimes you forget or don’t see how this could be a possible problem. Even though an appliance, like a TV, might be shut off, if it is still plugged into an outlet, it still draws electricity. Unplugging it will increase your home’s safety and reduce energy bills.

Install Circuit Interrupters

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) prevent electrical shock by sensing a change in the circuit flow and shutting it off. They are usually installed in places where electricity may accidentally get in touch with water, for example, the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or garage. A ground fault circuit interrupter can save a person’s life in case of electric shock by shutting off the electric current immediately when a change is sensed.

Do Not Use Damaged Cords

Frayed or damaged wires can cause a fire, especially if they are close to curtains or other fabric. Be sure only to use cables that are intact to avoid electrical shock. Please make sure you use extension cables where they were supposed to be used; indoor extensions should only be used indoors.

Indoor extensions lack the extra insulation and strength of outdoor extensions. Also, extensions are meant to be only used for a short period.

Put Electrical Safety Measures In Place

Lastly, ensure the people in your home know how to use electrical appliances and fixtures properly. If there are young children, you want to install tamper-resistant outlets. These outlets can prevent electrocution and other injuries.

You also want to know your house’s wiring and where the circuit box is located. That way, you can shut off the electricity in case of an emergency.

Buffalo Electric Will Get You Safely Through Any Electrical Emergency

Electrical emergencies are not only a nuisance, but they can be life-threatening. You need a trusted emergency electrician to take care of this dangerous business. Buffalo Electric has the professionals and equipment to take care of any emergency in Grapevine, TX, efficiently.

Our emergency electricians are different from the usual electricians. Apart from having the skills and expertise, our emergency electricians undergo special training to prepare them to promptly and efficiently handle emergencies. We also do generator repairs, underground wiring and fixture repairs, ceiling fan upgrades, outlet wiring, panel installation, and landscape lighting. We have the best solution for your electrical needs. Call us today to book your appointment.

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