Major Causes Of Home Fires: An <strong>Emergency Electrician</strong> Explains | <strong>Colleyville, TX</strong>

Major Causes Of Home Fires: An Emergency Electrician Explains | Colleyville, TX

Electricity is an essential part of life in every home. It provides the energy for most powered items in our homes, from lights to heating. But it can be dangerous too. Electrical fires are hazardous and a costly problem for U.S. homeowners resulting in almost 500 deaths, more than 1400 injuries, and over 1.3 billion in property damage.

Most people think electrical fires occur when there is a circuit failure or power outage, but this isn’t always the case. Many issues lead to electrical fires and have been discussed in this blog. If you encounter any of the problems below, please immediately contact a certified emergency electrician near you.

Old Wiring

Studies show that electrical problems, primarily in older homes, cause fires and fatalities. Half of the houses in the United States were built before 1973; thus, their electrical systems cannot handle many modern appliances.

Also, old wiring is more prone to short circuits, which causes home fires in many cases. In addition, old wires are less likely to be grounded and tend to have loose wires, faulty plugs, and switches.

Plus, your circuit breaker may have worn-out connectors that are not working, leading to system overload. This can result in a fire in your home. Suppose you have been experiencing power shortages lately. In that case, you should call an emergency electrician to check your wiring system as soon as possible.

Faulty Appliances

One of the common causes of electrical fires in homes is faulty and outdated electrical appliances.

Avoid using worn or frayed cords as they become an outlet for directing heat and fire to flammable materials in your homes, such as curtains and carpets. An emergency electrician can help you fix any malfunctioning appliances.

Overloaded Electrical Outlets

You may wonder how many sockets can be plugged into an electrical socket; it depends on numerous factors. Each electrical outlet has its rating; this is the maximum current that passes through your outlet without burning the beaker or melting the wire inside.

If you plug multiple high-voltage appliances into one outlet, the sockets could fail, spark, or even melt. In case your electrical outlet looks burnt or damaged, contact an emergency electrician immediately.

Despite having many electrical outlets in your home, if too many devices are plugged in at once, one of them could overload, causing a fire. If you suspect your sockets have been overloaded because someone has been using them a lot lately, contact an emergency electrician to check if significant damage has been done. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Space Heaters

Space heaters are an effective tool for adding warmth to your home. Still, it would help if you handled them with precaution. Based on statistics, space heaters account for 43 percent of heating fires in homes.

Space heaters should be placed at least three feet away from curtains, clothing, rugs, chairs, and anything else likely to burn.

When placed close to combustible materials, they will easily catch fire. It’s also recommended that you turn off your space heater while sleeping or whenever you leave the room.

Light Fixtures and Fitting

Other major causes of electrical fires homeowners in Colleyville, TX should look out for include lightbulbs, lamps, and electrical fittings. It is advised you follow the provided wattage guidelines for light fixtures and lamps and never exceed the recommended amount.

For instance, installing a bulb with too high wattage on your lamp and light fixtures can result in a fire. It’s wise to go for energy-efficient LED light bulbs. Also, always check that your decorative lighting is up-to-date with all modern safety standards.

In addition, you should avoid placing materials such as clothes and papers on your nightshade. If your light fixture is faulty or you are struggling with light fixtures in your home, contact an emergency electrician immediately.

Outdated Appliances

Just like outdated wiring, outdated appliances can also cause a fire in your home. Old electrical devices may be unsafe since they were not built to meet the same standard conditions as modern ones.

Sometimes, aged appliances can draw more power than your sockets can withstand. Luckily there are a variety of safe, modern appliances today. Do not hesitate to hire an emergency electrician to inspect the old ones for any issues and upgrade them if necessary.

Extension Cords

The initial use of electrical cords was temporarily connecting an appliance to an electrical supply. Still, they were not intended to be used as permanent fixtures. Electrical cords are safe when appropriately used and routinely monitored.

However, it could overheat if overloaded, eventually causing sparks, melting, and even a fire. It’s advisable for homeowners in Colleyville, TX to connect their appliances directly to the outlet, not electrical cords.

Also, it would be best if you did not run your cords under carpets and the door. In addition, you should avoid using cords built for indoor usage, outside.

Greasy or Dusty Equipment

Any electrical issue can lead to an explosion if your equipment is greasy and dusty. To avoid this problem, homeowners in Colleyville, TX must clean their equipment and appliances regularly to prevent this problem.

Typically, electric sparks aren’t very destructive, but their ability to ignite grease and dust makes them very dangerous.

Defective Wiring

If your wiring is faulty, it may cause your wires to flare. If these sparks are near insulation, they could result in a fire in your home. Some common indications that show your wiring is defective include a flickering light, outlet sparking, and circuit breaker tripping.

Also, electrical shock on your appliances could indicate a bad wring. If you see any of these signs, contact an emergency electrician immediately.

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