Lighting Up Your Home: Tips From A Residential Electrician | Southlake, TX

Lighting Up Your Home: Tips From A Residential Electrician | Southlake, TX

Lighting is a critical aspect that inspires your living space’s ambiance and aesthetic appeal. A gloomy home is unattractive. Adding stylish lighting fixtures to your home can create a mood and a welcoming atmosphere.

With the vast array of lighting fixtures available today, it can be hard to tell which one would suit your overall style. But don’t sweat it! A professional electrician in Southlake, TX can help you find the perfect lighting fixture for your residential lighting project. Here are various options that will inspire your next home upgrade.

Table Lamps

Table lamps come in various heights, sizes, styles, and materials. If you prefer contemporary or classic styles, there is one for you. Various factors contribute to the quality of light produced by your table lambs, such as the height of the lamb, choice of the lampshade and bulb, and if it has a dimmer.

Table lamps are built to stand on flat surfaces such as a fireplace mantel, your nightstand, a credenza in your living room, or even your kitchen to offer additional lighting when you and your family are dining.

You can quickly move around with your table lambs because nowadays, modern ones do not need an electrical outlet to plug in the lamp. There are a variety of table lamps you can find today in the market that you charge with a USB cable.

Linear LED Lights

Linear LED lights are common in most U.S. homes. They are perfect for hard-to-reach spaces. Research shows that 29 percent of houses in the U.S. have at least one LED lighting bulb. Compared to incandescent lights, LED lights last longer and consume less power.

Statistics show that LED lights consume 75 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs and last longer. A trained electrician in Southlake, TX can install these light fixtures directly on ceiling cloves or even built-in bookshelves for discreet accent or task lighting.


Nothing turns heads like a chandelier when it comes to home light fixtures. Suspended from a ceiling and holding numerous bulbs, this lighting fixture creates a statement in your living room.

If you are looking for chandeliers, you can find them in classic and modern styles, depending on your taste.

Classic chandeliers come in a range of styles. Modern chandeliers are made from tiers of tassels, shells, or feathers. The chandeliers and pendants are mainly used as focal points for foyers and the dining room. Always hire a licensed electrician to ensure the wiring is done right when installing a chandelier.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are becoming very popular in the United States. Over 600 million recessed lights can be found in homes and business premises. During installation, an electrician will fix this light fixture on the ceilings.

Recessed lighting easily blends with your interior design without occupying your space, floors, or tables. You don’t have to worry about condensation dripping into the light fixture because the electrician insulates them.

Most homeowners use these lights in kitchens and hallways as they produce enough light without overwhelming the place. However, they offer a narrow band of light in one single direction.

Track Lights

In track lighting, bulbs are fitted on tracks. This enables you to adjust them in any direction easily. Even better, you can change them and replace the fixtures on the track. An electrician mounts these lights on the ceiling or wall. They are mainly used for tasks or accent lighting.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are another excellent option for homeowners in Southlake, TX who want to add lighting to their homes without covering up walls or furniture.

Based on your taste and style, there is a wide variety of sconces. Sconces come in plenty of styles. Depending on your space, you can hang them as a single, in pairs, or even multiple.

When you turn them on, they produce a soft light on the wall; when off, they serve as decors. Sconces can be used everywhere in your home but are commonly found in hallways, where they add ambient lighting. After identifying the style suitable for your home, an electrician can help you mount them on your wall.

Floor Lamps

Also referred to as stand lamps, floor lamps come in various styles and shapes. Even when turned off, these light fixtures serve as décor in your home.

You can use them in any room in your home, but larger formats such as arc lights or columns, oversized, or tripod floor lamps will be more suitable in larger rooms.

Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are usually used for task lighting in work areas. If you are in the writing or drawing profession, these lamps will serve you best. They also come with an adjustable head, allowing you to redirect light to your work.

Depending on your taste, you can find desk lamps with modern or vintage styles. The most popular types include architect-style lambs since they are easy to use and have an appealing industrial look.

Ceiling Lights

As the name suggests, these are fitted to the ceiling. They have a plastic or glass shade that covers the light bulb. Ceiling lights can either be flush or semi-flush.

An electrician can help you attach flush ceiling lights directly to the ceiling, while the semi-flush hangs from the top but closer to the ceiling than the chandelier. These lights are commonly used as ambient lights.

Decorative Accent Lighting

These lights highlight a specific object or area in your home and add ambiance to a room. Compared to the ambient lighting, they are three times brighter.

Decorative accent lighting comes in a wide range of styles, from neon-lit signage, hurricane lanterns full of candles, and garland lights to decorative light sculptures in the shape of animals.

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