Consult An Emergency Electrician To Determine If Your House Need A Full Electrical Rewiring | Grapevine, TX

Consult An Emergency Electrician To Determine If Your House Need A Full Electrical Rewiring | Grapevine, TX

Rewiring an outdated electrical system should be a top priority for Grapevine, TX, homeowners. Having an emergency electrician perform this service will keep you safer, save money on electricity bills, and prevent little annoyances like flickering lights. However, rewiring is a major undertaking, leaving you wondering if it’s the right time for such a project. Buffalo Electric is committed to keeping your electrical system safe and efficient. In service of that goal, this guide outlines the dangers of using an old electrical system and signs that your home has a dated system.

What are the dangers of using an old electrical system?

Old electrical wiring that hasn’t been inspected and approved to be safe by a professional electrician is hazardous. The main reason is that older systems with black rubber or VIR cables are more susceptible to damage and wear. The US Fire Administration estimates that fire departments across the country respond to 24,200 electrical fires each year. These fires cause 225 casualties, 1050 injuries, and $1.2 million in property damage. In addition, half of the fires involve the home’s wiring or lighting.

These issues stem from problems associated with old electrical systems, such as:

Loose wiring

Electrical wiring needs to be tight. However, constant expansion and contraction of materials, house vibrations, wear and tear, and other factors can loosen electrical wiring with time. Loose electrical connections increase electrical resistance in a circuit, which can lead to an electrical fire.

Overloaded electrical system

You risk overloading your electrical system if it’s been in the house for decades. The electrical demands of two or three decades ago are unlike today. The combination of increased demand for electricity and limited electricity supply means you likely end up overloading the system with extension cords. This results in issues like flickering lights and frequent breaker trips.

Naked wiring

The insulation on your electrical wiring may fall apart after decades due to wear and tear and temperature fluctuations. When electrical wiring loses its insulation, it can lead to various issues when that wiring comes into contact with electrical conductors. It can fry up your appliances, cause a nasty electrical shock, or burn down the property.

Outdated installation

If your house has had the same electrical system for decades, some of the installations are likely outdated. You could have fuses instead of circuit breakers, knob-and-tube wiring instead of modern wiring and junction boxes, or aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring. Updating these outdated installations with the help of a licensed emergency electrician can go a long way toward improving safety and efficiency.

Non Compliant electrical system

National and local electrical codes exist to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home. However, these codes constantly change as new and safer inventions and designs come into the market. Constant updates mean that the decades-old electrical system in your home is probably not up to code. And while you may not be in immediate danger, ensuring that your electrical system is up to code is a step in the right direction.

How do I know If my home’s electrical system needs updating?

Here are signs that you need to rewire your home and bring your electrical system up to date.

Your home was built before 1990

If your home was built before 1990, your electrical system probably needs to be updated. Today’s families use more electronic devices than ever, so your home probably struggles to handle the current loads. The breaker panel may also need an update. This is an ideal time to schedule an inspection with an emergency electrician to find out what’s required to update your electrical system.

Electric shocks

You need to contact an emergency electrician if you experience an electric shock, however small when plugging in a device. Similarly, a buzzing sound from your sockets may indicate that your electrical damage and the wiring need replacing.

Scorched or discolored sockets or switches

Scorch marks on sockets and switches may indicate tiny fires caused by arcs of electricity resulting from loose connections inside the socket. Loose connections and degradation only worsen with time and, if not mitigated, can produce a greater fire or shock hazard. Call an emergency electrician for a proper inspection and repair.

Flickering lights

Lights may flicker if bulbs are loose, and properly twisting them resolves the issue. However, if your bulbs are secure and the lights are still flickering, you probably have faulty wiring. When you have faulty wiring, the electric current passing through doesn’t always reach its destination. This creates an irregular connection, hence the flickering lights. Schedule an appointment with an emergency electrician immediately to replace the wiring.

Persistent burning smell without a source

Sometimes faulty wiring and loose connections occur inside the walls where you can’t see. This creates small electrical fires that produce a burning smell whose source you cannot pinpoint. If you smell a faint but persistent burnt plastic smell, it’s best to call an electrician to address the faulty wiring.

A growing reliance on extension cords

A growing reliance on extension cords clearly indicates that your home doesn’t have enough outlets. Rewiring your electrical system to include additional sockets in common living areas is the best solution to this problem, and an experienced emergency electrician can help.

Tripping circuit breaker

The circuit breaker exists to cut off the electricity supply when a circuit exceeds the number of amps allowed. It plays a vital role in preventing electrical surges. But like other electrical system components, it breaks down with time and starts malfunctioning. It trips frequently when it cannot accurately gauge the amount of electrical current in a circuit. If you notice these frequent trips, get in touch with us, and we will send an electrician your way.

How can Buffalo Electric help your rewiring needs?

DIY projects can be so much fun, but it’s best to trust a professional electrician when it comes to the electrical system. Working with electrical wiring can be dangerous, especially for someone who isn’t an expert. Mishandling wiring can cause electric shock, electrical fire, and appliance damage.

Instead, turn to Buffalo Electric of Grapevine, TX, for your electrical rewiring needs. Our emergency electrician will carefully inspect the existing wiring and determine if it’s time to rewire it. Whether you need one room or the whole house rewired, you can trust our emergency electrician in Grapevine, TX, to treat the task with the urgency it deserves and handle the rewiring quickly and efficiently.

Call Buffalo Electric today at 817-693-1301 to learn more about our services.

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