Common Electrical Emergencies Explained By An Emergency Electrician | Colleyville, TX

Common Electrical Emergencies Explained By An Emergency Electrician | Colleyville, TX

Electrical problems are among the top three leading causes of fires in residential buildings in the United States. Approximately 358,500 homes in the United States experience a structural fire annually. These fires result from electrical emergencies that have been ignored for some time.

Most electrical emergencies pose an immediate risk of an electrical fire. Sudden problems in the electrical system expose your home and family to danger. Thus, it’s always wise to reach out to an emergency electrician if you notice any electrical system abnormalities.

Several electrical emergencies that could affect your electrical system include burnt-out wires or a surge in the current flow that could damage your appliances or even destroy your property. Below are common electrical emergencies to look out for.

Excess Pressure on an Outlet

Most homeowners are ever experiencing overheating electrical outlets. This happens when a single outlet is overloaded; thus, unable to handle the amount of current. When too much pressure is exerted on the outlet, it may start to burn, and you’ll notice a black or brown mark on the external surface of the outlet.

In such a situation, you should immediately reach out to an emergency electrician to fix the problem. While waiting for the electrician, you should avoid touching the electrical outlet. Also, it would be best to shut off the main switch.

Malfunctioning Circuit Breaker

A working circuit breaker prevents the excess flow of current and any overloading. You may have noticed your circuit breaker falling due to a power surge, circuit overload, or short circuit. This means your circuit breaker is in good condition and protects your appliances from dangerous electric faults or hazards.

But, if your circuit breaker falls every time you use an electronic device, it could mean that you have a bad breaker; hence, you need to contact an emergency electrician to help you fix or replace the circuit breaker.

You can detect a lousy breaker by looking out for humming or buzzing noise from the breaker box. If you detect such noise, it could mean there is a significant flow of electricity, and the box could be heating up.

Power Failure

It’s normal to experience power outages when utility companies are doing maintenance or in case of storms or heavy rainfall, which destroys the transformer. But if the power outage is only on your premises, then your electrical system could be faulty; thus, it would be wise to seek the services of a trained emergency electrician.

Always reach out to a reliable electrical company with licensed professionals ready to handle all electrical emergencies.

Problems with Electrical Appliances

At one point, you may have noticed that a light bulb in your home is flashing at regular intervals, or an electrical appliance might not be working efficiently. Some homeowners ignore such problems as minor and end up with severe problems in the future. When you notice such issues, it’s wise to switch off the appliance and get in touch with an emergency electrician in Colleyville, TX.

A faulty electronic gadget could also indicate a significant problem in your electrical system. If prompt action is not taken, such issues could lead to injuries. You could have damaged wires if you smell something burning in your house. In this case, you’ll need to seek help from a licensed electrician.

Pungent Smells and Black Marks

If your outlets are overused or when they heat up, you may notice black or brown marks. In this situation, you should not touch the outlets; instead, call a professional emergency electrician for help.

Also, if you notice one of your electrical appliances has issues and is producing a burnt or pungent smell, you should seek emergency electrical services. This could mean the appliance has damaged wires, and an electrician will fix the problem to ensure that the electrical systems operate safely and smoothly.

Fallen Power Lines

Fallen power lines present a severe threat to property and life; thus, they should be dealt with immediately and with extreme caution. If there is a downed or dangling power line in your home, you should immediately reach out to your local power distributor.

As you wait for the local provider in Colleyville, TX, to arrive, you should keep a distance of at least 40 feet as the line could be live. Also, you should beware of metal fences, vehicles, fallen limbs, or puddles that could pose an electrical hazard since they are conductive materials.

Lights Flickering Constantly

Flickering lights can be a nuisance. Some homeowners may ignore them so long as they return to normal. You should be worried if your household lights are dimming periodically as they could indicate a bigger issue with your electrical system that could lead to home fires if ignored for a long time.

Before you call an emergency electrician, you can observe the flickering pattern to find what’s causing your household lights to dim. Check when the flickering happens, how frequently, and for how long. If you notice the pattern is inconsistent, it could mean an electrical appliance could have kicked on, hence the dimming lights. This should not bother you.

But if the lights are flickering frequently, you could have faulty wiring or an overloaded circuit. This problem should be checked immediately by your local emergency electrician.

Enhance Your Safety with Professional Help from Buffalo Electric

Sudden problems in your electrical system could be dangerous to your family and home. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact professional emergency electricians from Buffalo Electric if you notice any abnormalities. Please avoid handling electrical problems on your own.

At Buffalo Electric, we have licensed electricians trained to fix electrical issues. Our staff also handles electrical installation, repair, and upgrades across Colleyville, TX, and beyond. Give us a ring today!

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