Signs You Need An Emergency Electrician | Colleyville, TX

Signs You Need An Emergency Electrician | Colleyville, TX

So, you have your own home and you’re thinking about whether you need to hire an emergency electrician. You’re wondering whether the problems you’re experiencing in your house are going to warrant having someone come to your Colleyville, TX, home even during an off time. And you may even be worried that you’re not calling when you should be. Well, the answer to that question is easier than you think. In most cases, if you think you should hire an emergency electrician you probably should. But we’ll delve into it a little deeper here.

Circuit Breakers

If you notice that your circuit breaker keeps tripping it’s a good idea to call a professional right away. An occasional trip could mean a power surge in your home and it could be entirely normal (especially if you have an older home with older electrical). But it’s still something to get looked at. If your breakers keep tripping frequently then it means there’s something else going on and you want a professional to take a closer look right away. That way you can jump right into getting the problem solved before it becomes more serious.

Power Outlets

The important thing to watch with your power outlets is how they feel to the touch. You don’t want to have warm power outlets because that means there’s entirely too much heat going through that outlet. And if there’s a lot of heat going through that could be a fire hazard. If your outlets feel warm when you touch them to plug something in it’s important to call an emergency electrician to find out what’s going on and what could be happening behind the scenes with those electrical wires.


What happens to your lights throughout the day? Do you notice that they seem to flicker on and off frequently? Do they seem to go out when you haven’t turned them off? If you notice any of these things you want an emergency electrician to take a closer look. When you turn your lights on they should stay on. Entirely on. Until you turn them off. If they don’t, that means there’s a bigger problem and you need a professional to take a look and find out what should be done. You could have a short in your line or even frayed or damaged electrical wires in your home, which is a shock and fire hazard.


When you plug things into your electrical outlets what happens? Do they spark when they touch the outlet? If they do then that means you could have a serious problem at hand. You definitely want to know that your outlets are going to be safe and that you’re not going to damage your appliances when you plug them in. Even more importantly you also want to make sure that your family is safe when they’re plugging anything in. That won’t happen if you have sparks from your outlets.


Do you notice a burning smell or a smoke smell from your outlets? This is even more dangerous than warm outlets because it means something is already happening within the walls. It means you should call in an emergency electrician immediately to find out what can be done and what’s already happening with your system. if you have any kind of burning inside the walls it will cause even more serious problems as it goes on. An electrician can find the problem and make sure that it’s taken care of before it turns into something major.


Water and electricity definitely do not mix so if you have any kind of water leaking into areas where you have electricity it’s essential that you call a professional plumber and an emergency electrician. You also need to get your family out of the area as quickly as possible. The risk of electrocution is extremely high when water and electricity mix, so make sure your electrician knows what they’re getting into as well. And no matter the time of day or night do not underestimate the problems that go along with having any kind of water leak near outlets, appliances, and more.


If you’ve noticed a sound that is kind of like buzzing or bees in the area then this is something else to call an emergency electrician about. They will take care of the problem quickly, but this type of problem means that something is happening behind your walls with power. It could be too much power coursing through the lines, which means more problems for your Colleyville, TX, home that you can’t even see. The sounds are your first and only indication that something is wrong before the problem gets a great deal worse.

What to Do

When you’re ready to hire an electrician you need to know who you’re going to call. Luckily for you, that someone is Buffalo Electric. Our team in Colleyville, TX can come to you whenever you need us to take care of your emergency electrician needs. Whether you have something major that needs help right now, or you’re not quite sure what’s going on in your home, we can get to you and make sure that it’s taken care of before you know it. That’s what you need to make sure your family is safe in your home.

With Buffalo Electric you’re getting our team of highly skilled and trained professionals who will make sure your home is in the best hands. Whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, you don’t want to wait to get the work done and we don’t either. We know what it takes to make sure everything is running smoothly and to get you and your family back to your good nights’ sleep. So why would you want to wait around and miss out on anything when you could hire a professional emergency electrician to take care of things for you? If you notice a problem, give us a call right away.

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